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Harvard Scientists Theorize That Ancient Earth Exists At Present

Harvard University’s team of scientists believe they have discovered evidence that ancient Earth can be found inside the planet.

The team theorizes that a formerly mysterious isotopic ratio from deep within the planet may signal the possibility that a material before the collision of Earth with another planet-size body is still within inside Earth. The collision between Earth and the other planet is believe to be the reason why moon was created. The material deep within Earth is now believe to be the ancient Earth material before the proposed collision 4.5 years ago. This theory was presented in Sacramento, California during the Goldschmidt conference.

According to the highly favored theory, the moon was formed when mars-sized mass collided with Earth 4.5 billion years ago. The massive mass has been given the name of Theia. This theory is saying that the collision generated heat that would have resulted the melting of the entire planet before debris cooled and spun off to develop the moon.

However, the new theory by a team of scientists from Harvard University is saying only part of the Earth melted and the ancient part is still within the Earth’s mantle.

Lead researcher and associate professor in Harvard, Sujoy Mukhopadhyay, admitted that the energy released from the impact would have been big and enough to melt the entire planet, but his team believe that the impact was not distributed evenly throughout the ancient Earth. The team concluded that that the impacted hemisphere would have been vaporized, but the opposite would have not undergone total melting because it could have been partly shielded.

The new theory challenges some current notions on planet formation and the energetics of huge impacts. If the theory is true, then ancient Earth is still within the planet.

Meanwhile, researchers from University of New Mexico and Northwestern University proposed the first proof for possible oceans deep below the U.S.

Geophysicist Steve Jacobsen of Northwestern University and seismologist Brandon Schmandt of University of New Mexico have discovered a likely sign of the existence of a massive reservoir of water, thrice the size of oceans on Earth. The two researchers found deep pockets of magma in around 400 miles deep below North America. If the discovery is proven true, it may represent the Earth’s largest water reservoir.

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